Naruto, Itachi, Akatsuki, Hinata, Deidara

Naruto is an anime cartoon originated from Japaneese Manga series. The main credit for illustrating the anime series is "Masashi Kishimoto". This is published by "Shueisha" a North American publisher. Akamaru Jump magazine promoted the cartoon. It was published first in 1997. Beneath, there are some special wallpaper regarding this Naruto anime series.

Naruto Wallpaper
Naruto Wallpaper
Naruto Uzumaki is the main character of the Japanese anime series "Naruto".
 He is the member of "Team Kakashi". His parents are Fourth Hokage and
Minato Namikaze. In serial his height and weight was encrypted as 166cm 

and 50.9 Kg respectively.

Naruto Wallpaper
Naruto Wallpaper

itachi uchiha wallpaper
Itachi Uchiha wallpaper
Itachi Uchiha is Anbu level shinobi originated from "Konohagakure" framed 
"Uchiha clan". He did born in Uchiha clan and the son of Mikoto. 
At his younger age, he had seen the extreeme form of violence 
which turned him into pacifist.

Naruto and Itachi wallpaper
Naruto and Itachi wallpaper

Naruto and Hinata wallpaper
Itachi and Hinata wallpaper
Hinata Hyuga plays the main supporting role in naruto serial.
She  is a member of the team Kurenai. Hiashi Hyuga is the
 father of Hinata and she is the eldest child of him. At the beginning
 she did lack in self confiedence but later she gathered it enough.

Akatsuki Wallpaper

Akatsuki (Does mean "Dawn") is another significant character of
 Naruto series. He is the leader of a criminal organization, which
 is the most wanted corps of shinobi world.Their main destination
is to plan and go for having the domination over the world. Their
people are known as "S-rank criminals".

Akatsuki wallpaper
Akatsuki wallpaper

Akatsuki wallpaper

Deidara wallpaper
Deidra is the part of Explosion Corps in the cartoon. He always does have a 
desire to reach greater heights. No matter whatever his job is right or wrong,
he does do his best to reach his goal.

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